Registration for Midsummer, the Viking Days and Viking Market 2018

If you wish to participate during the Foteviken Viking market as a Viking reenactor, please submit this registration no later than Sunday 10th of June 2018. No further registrations will be accepted after this date. If you have not had time to register you can still come to the market as a visiting Viking, but with no possibility of selling, feast participation or having a tent on site.

Registration is individual (one person per registration). If you become unable to attend after registering please contact us to unregister.


Personal information

Please enter the phone number using international notation with country prefix (e.g. +46 40 330 800)

The license plate number of your car, if you'll arrive at Foteviken by car and wish to use the Viking parking lot.

Arrival and departure

The Foteviken Viking Market begins one day before the actual market with a "pre-market" held on Thursday 28th of June. The Viking Market is then held from Friday 29th of June to Sunday 1st of July.

The Viking Week is held between Midsummer and the Viking market (June 25 to June 28), as many Viking reenactors arrive a few days before the actual market. These days are used for meetings for the various Viking Age crafts, to experiment and exchange experience.

If you arrive early in the week and then leave until the start of the market, it may affect where your tent is placed, to keep the Viking Town area as lively as possible throughout the week.

The day from which you are participating and present for the rest of the event.

Keep in mind that you may only pack up and leave the market area during the morning or evening, not while the market is open to the public.


IMPORTANT: Only check this checkbox if you are the owner and main responsible person for the tent! If you are staying in a tent with someone else, enter the registration number of the tent owner in the Sharing Viking tent with box below instead. Do not register the same tent twice.

Specify the dimensions of your tent, in meters. If your tent is larger than 4 x 9 meters please contact us at to obtain special permission.

If you share a Viking tent with someone else, enter the registration number of the tent owner here. This registration number is given when the tent owner submits their market registration.


Please specify which crafts you will demonstrate during the market.

Please provide a picture of your creations if you intend to do crafting at the Viking market. If you have an online album with pictures of your crafts you can provide the link in the text field above instead. (JPG, PNG or GIF image format allowed, max 1 MB size)


If you have a home page, Instagram page or other such album with pictures of your products, please include a link to those here.

Please provide a picture of products you intend to sell at the market. If you have an online album with images of your products you can provide a link to it in the text box above instead. (JPG, PNG or GIF image format allowed, max 1 MB size)


We need your help with various things to ensure that the market runs smoothly.
Volunteer functionaries are to attend the morning meeting at 08:30 (Friday to Sunday) in the main museum building to get tasks assigned.

If you want to help out with something in particular, please specify above. Otherwise just attend the morning meeting to get something to do.

Viking Games Open

The competitions take place on Saturday 30/6 and Sunday 1/7, and the victory prize ceremony takes place on Sunday. See the market programme for the time and place of the competitions.

Midsummer (June 22)

Midsummer in Sweden is something special. Here you will have the chance to experience a real midsummer festivity in the viking style with a leafy maypole. The Viking Town is closed to the public this day, only vikings are welcome. According to tradition the Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group (SVEG) town community are organizing this grand summer festivity. Visiting Vikings are invited to participate by registering here. Bring your own food and drink.

Saturday Viking Meal

Vikings participating at the market (by selling, crafting, fighting, competing etc) are invited to attend the Viking Feast on Saturday evening at the Valhalla community centre (by the museum parking lot).

Please note: By submitting this registration form you hereby give Foteviken Viking Museum permission to send you e-mail messages related to the Foteviken Viking Market and Viking re-enactment, to the e-mail address you provided in this registration form. If you at some point change your mind and wish to revoke this permission please contact us at